Project Partners

The iLearnRW consortium consists of 7 partners, coming from 4 different EU countries (Malta, Greece, Romania and the United Kingdom).

Five consortium partners are Academic/Research Institutions:


National Technical University of Athens, Greece (NTUA)



University of Malta (UoM)



Institute of Education logo

Institute of Education, UK (IoE)



Technological Institution of Epirus, Greece (EPIRUS)



Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu, Romania (LBUS)


One SME IT expert:

Dolphin Computer Access Ltd Logo

Dolphin Computer Access Ltd, UK (DOLPHIN)


One non-profit organization aiming to provide help to people who have dyslexia and struggle with literacy:

Dyslexia Action Logo

Dyslexia Action, UK (DYSACT)


Partner Schools

We are extremely grateful for the fantastic support we have received from our partner schools who have been working alongside us on the iLearnRW project.

Rye Oak Logo

Rye Oak Primary School, Peckham, London



Dulwich Hamlet Junior School

Dulwich Hamlet Junior School, Dulwich Village, London



Brandlehow Primary School

Brandlehow Primary School, Putney, London


Other Partner Institutions

We would also like to thank the Dyslexia Action teachers, parents and pupils at the Bath, Chelmsford and Sutton Coldfield offices for their valued contributions to our project.