About Us

iLearnRW Project Team
iLearnRW is a 3 year research project funded by the European Union's 7th Framework Programme: Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). The project started in October 2012 and will finish in October 2015 (36 months). There are 7 participants from 4 countries involved in the project.
The iLearnRW project aims to develop next generation tablet-based software that will support and motivate children with dyslexia aged 9-11 with their reading and writing. The software will incorporate an assitive reader, providing tailored reading support as well as literacy-based activities targeted at each child's specific difficulties. It will also incorporate a learning game providing further opportunities for children to practice specific areas of reading and writing within a fun and engaging game environment.
It is intended that the iLearnRW system will support the following specific features:
  • user profiling.
  • learning/teaching strategies.
  • classification of learning material based on user profile.
  • personalized content presentation.
  • engaging learning activities.
  • the evaluation of learning.
  • an on-line resource data bank.


After development the software will be evaluated through extensive field-testing in different language settings (UK and Greece) to establish its overall success in promoting the reading and writing skills of children with dyslexia.