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What is Dyslexia?

Dyslexia affects at least 10% of the population (and maybe more) and therefore on average there will be 3 children in every class that could potentially have the condition, even if it has not yet been diagnosed. It is important that all teachers are aware of dyslexia and how to best support children with dyslexia within the classroom. Below is a video from TED-Ed that gives a good overview of the condition and how it can impact the functioning of the brain.



Dyslexia Resources

Through our work on the iLearnRW project we are compiling a number of useful resources for teachers and parents of children with dyslexia. We intend to update this page regularly with new resources as they become available.

Android Literacy Apps Guide
The UCL IoE team ran a 3 month evaluation within UK schools to assess how well tablets and the iLearnRW software integrates into SEN teaching within mainstream UK schools. As part of this, before the study started we downloaded all of the literacy apps we could find on the Android store and assessed how good we thought they were. Having developed a shortlist, we pre-loaded these apps onto the tablets the schools used during the study. Based on the results of that study, in conjunction with our expertise, we have developed a guide as to what the best literacy apps for the Android platform are.


Reading on an eReader or Tablet
Dyslexia Action have a lot of expertise and experience in helping students to read. As part of this they have developed extensive guidelines as to what people with dyslexia should look for when selecting an electronic device to read on. In conjunction with the UCL IoE team they have produced a guide exploring what you should be looking out for if you're thinking of buying an electronic device to read on.


Android or iPads?
The iLearnRW project made an early decision about using Android tablets. Due to their cheaper price, they are more economically viable for schools to purchase in large numbers compared to iPads. While this decision was made for a good reason, there are differences between the two platforms (Android and iPads) which are worth exploring. Based on the IoE's experience of using te Android tablets in schools we have developed a guide aimed at schools and teachers which examines some of the advantages and disadvantages of Android Tablets versus iPads with regards to their educational use.

Dyslexia-friendly educational software:
Guidelines for software designers and ICT coordinators

Building self esteem:
A guide for parents and non-specialist teachers of children with dyslexia

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Reading on e readers, tablets and phones: Hardware and software for inclusive literacy from Dominik Lukes






iLearnRW User Guides (updated 11th Nov)

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Words Matter Game


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Words Matter Reader

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