Work Packages and Deliverables


Work Packages

WP 1 - Project Management

To effectively handle the management, co-ordination and quality assurance activities of the project, ensuring a successful completion of the project goals on time, within budget and with quality standards adequate for European Projects. The WP will be running all along the project lifetime.

Lead Beneficiary: Dolphin Computer Access


WP 2 - Dissemination and Exploitation

To disseminate and exploit the research and development results of ILearnRW by:

  • Creating public awareness and scientific interest for the project and its results, and
  • Planning and preparing the commercial agreements to ensure a smooth introduction of these results into every day practice.

Lead Beneficiary: Dolphin Computer Access


WP 3 - Requirements Analysis and Specification

To define the characteristics and requirements of the ILearnRW integrated learning environment in terms of:

  • Users’ needs (pupils with dyslexia and dysorthographia) as communicated by children, teachers/tutors,
  • language/dyslexia experts, speech pathologists.
  • Language learning models regarding reading development and reading impairments.
  • Taking advantage of the increased computational power and display capabilities of today’s computing devices(PCs, laptops, tablets, mobile phones).

To define the necessary specifications for both the system to be developed (technical specifications, employed learning strategies) as well as for the test-beds that will be used to evaluate the ILearnRW learning environment.

Lead Beneficiary: Dyslexia Institute


WP 4 - Personalization, Interface and Content adaptation

To develop a model for users with dyslexia/dysorthographia that will be utilized through user profiling in:

  • selection of appropriate/suitable content for each user,
  • personalized content presentation.

To develop and implement the content adaptation and presentation mechanisms (which include text-to- speech) that, in conjunction with individual user profiles, will result in content presentation that suits each individual user.

To specify the rules/mechanisms that adapt the ILearnRW user interfaces and game scenarios (based on individual user profiles).

To develop and implement mechanisms that rank content/text appropriateness as learning material for a specific user with learning difficulties (based on its profile).

Lead Beneficiary: National Technical University of Athens


WP 5 - Serious games

To design game scenarios which induce effective learning for children with dyslexia/ dysorthographia.

To design game interfaces and interactions

To design and implement a game usage logging mechanism

To implement the designed educational games

Lead Beneficiary: University of Malta


WP 6 - System development, Integration and refinement

To design the ILearnRW’s system architecture

To develop ILearnRW’s knowledge infrastructure component (designed in WP-4)

To integrate the components of ILearnRW into a fully operational prototype which incorporates an on-line resource data bank.

To redesign/redevelop the ILearnRW prototype based on the results of its evaluation (WP7)

Lead Beneficiary: Dolphin Computer Access


WP 7 - Evaluation

To develop the evaluation methodology that will be adopted during the evaluation phase of ILearnRW.

To implement the UK and the Greek test beds, including:

  • development of the necessary learning resources
  • training of participants
  • controlled usage of the ILearnRW system
  • Data collection

To evaluate the ILearnRW system based on the analysis of the data collected during the implementation of the UK and Greek test-beds.

Lead Beneficiary: Technological Institution of Epirus